Make Eating Healthy Easy

Many of us pretty much know what is healthy for us to eat and what is not. Almost everyone doctor has told them eat fruits, vegetables, cut out the carbs, drink plenty of water, no fast food and etc. we know what the right thing to do, but have you ever asked yourself why it is so easy to unhealthy.


For example, when you are about to check out the grocery store, you unconsciously grab snickers bar at the counter. Everyone is getting ready to watch their favorite TV show, the bag of chips are waiting for them on the couch. The 2 liter Coke is the first thing is see in the fridge so that will your drink of choice. Noticed the pattern?  Eating unhealthy is easier because we make it more available.


One of the reasons why you grab the coke instead of the orange juice is because the coke is easier to grab than the orange juice. Take a look in your fridge; look at the items in the back. Most, if not all the food hasn’t been open or half way done. You are more likely to grab the bag of chips that is sitting on the table than the apple that is in the bottom container in the fridge.


30 Day Experiment:

For the next 30 days, make all the healthy foods easily available.

  1. For example place the banana and almonds on the counter.
  2. Put the fruits and Vegetables in the front, middle – upper sections of the fridge
  3. Make the big bowl of fruit Salad the first thing you see in the fridge.
  4. Have the smoothie you made the easiest drink of choice

Get creative with it. You will notice a positive change in your family. See how your body feels after the 30 days. Nobody regrets eating healthy, so you know it will be the smart move to make.



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